Friday, January 29, 2010

Tonight at the CMNH: Paleontologist Dr. Scott Sampson

Join is tonight at 7:30 pm the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for a talk by paleontologist Scott Samspon from the Utah Museum of Natural History, entitled, “The Dinosaurs of West America: Life, Death and Evolution on an Island Continent

About 100 million years ago, central North America was flooded by the north-south oriented Cretaceous Interior Seaway. Adjacent to this warm, shallow sea, the isolated western landmass informally known as “West America” witnessed a stunning florescence of dinosaurs, from horned, duck-billed and armored plant-eaters to meat-eating tyrannosaurs and smaller raptor-like predators. Dr.Sampson has done extensive research in this region exploring the questions of giant dinosaur co-existence, the evolution of Tyrannosaurus rex and the great extinction of dinosaurs at the end of the Mesozoic Era. This program is in conjunction with the current exhibit Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries.

Many of you (or your kids) will know “Dr. Scott” as the host of the hit PBS show, “Dinosaur Train.”

Scott will be signing copies of his new book, “Dinosaur Odyssey”, after the presentation. All books are available for purchase in the Museum Store

We are expecting a sold out auditorium so please call the box office for information on ticket availability: (216) 231-1177 or 800-317-9155, ext. 3279