Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In celebration of Martin Luther King Day yesterday, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History had free admission for the public. More than 5000 visitors came by to talk with the curators, staff and volunteers who moved out of their offices and labs and into the galleries for the day. Here are just a few images from yesterday.

Vert Paleo volunteer George explains placoderm fish.

Vert Paleo volunteer Joe describes the Nanotyrannus that got away from him.

Junior docent in training, Ryan, explains all you need to know about small tyrannosaurs.

High School volunteers Henry and Matt compare modern shark jaws to Devonian fossil jaws.

Physical Anthropology


Anne Sanford from the Phys. Anthro Casting Lab demonstrates facial reconstructions.

So does Dr. Linda Spurlock, Director of Human Health

Dr. Joe Hannibal and CWRU Work Study Student, Jeff, talk about rocks & invertebrate fossils.

Thanks to everyone for making this year's MLK Day a great success!