Monday, July 30, 2007

SADRG 2007 Photos 7

We're finished our month of field work in the badlands of southern Alberta. We had a fantastically productive season with new finds to keep us busy for summers to come.

I've got about a week before I head to Mongolia so I'll try to continue posting from the past month (and news items) until I leave.

I've also fixed the broken photo links in the last few postings.

My annual photo of David Evans pointing into the distance.

Caleb Brown (U of A), Bill McPheeters (Calgary) and Mike Dunsmore (Harvard)

A new Centrosaurus bone bed from the Oldman Fm.

The badlands of the Natural Area, SE Alberta.

Caleb and Nic Campione

Believe it or not there are two dinosaur eggs in this photo. Can you spot them?