Saturday, July 07, 2007

SADRG 2007 Photos 1

The Southern Alberta Dinosaur Research Group's 2007 season is now well underway and I've got time from Lethbridge for a quick update of photos:

The Milk River Formation (Santonian) near Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park. The hoodoos are formed by ancient beach sands.

Part of the crew at our camp site in W-O-S: Brian Mathews, Derek Larson, David Evans, Nick Longrich, and Clive Luckwell.

One of Loris Russell's (ROM) old quarries relocated.

Vertigris Coulee with the Milk River Fm exposed.

Tetsuto Miyashita with a ceratopsian ungual. Dinosaur material is rare in this formation so any whole elements found are important.