Sunday, March 11, 2007

Not Fade Away

I mentioned a few weeks ago that postings on the blog would be slowing down due to my tendonitis. Since it’s not getting any better, and since I’ll be very busy over the next week and then away in Alberta for the APS conference and research after that, I’m putting the blog on hiatus until about the end of the month. At that point I’ll reevaluate my condition and see what I can do about resuming postings.

In the mean time if you’re a regular reader of the blog please consider dropping me a line and telling me where you’re from and why you read the blog—this will help me determine the future course of the blog. Due to my need to minimize typing I probably will not reply to you but I will read whatever you have to send my way.

I suspect that I’ll pop back for the occasional update and reposting, but for now I’m going to sign off and put on some ice packs.

Drop me a line at:
Palaeoblog at yahoo dot ca