Sunday, November 01, 2015

Devo Was Right About Everything

Celebrate the golden age in which we’re living,
Your opinion counts and freedom is key.
Sadly, this has led to Art and Sport and Politics
Being led by people ill-equipped to breathe.

There was a group who could have saved us from this ignominy,
There was a group and they were roundly ignored.
They saw the future and they pointed out the problems
If the people took the point we’d now be reaping the reward.

Devo was right about everything, Devo were telling the truth.
Devo was right about everything, Devo showed us the proof.

If you have ever raged against conformity
Or hate they way our leaders treat us with scorn,
You see Society regress before your very eyes
Devo was on your side before you were born!

Devo was right about everything, Devo was never in the wrong.
Devo was right about everything, Devo don’t care for this song

Because it says they were right about everything,
And if that’s true then we’re really all doomed,
So in thirty seconds turn this music off
And go on out and do what Devo would do!
by The Attery Squash

How many people here tonight
Believe that De-evolution is real?
And we just came to remind you…
Are we not men? WE ARE DEVO!!