Thursday, July 30, 2009

Southern Alberta Dinosaur Project Photos #4

Kentaro Chiba and Dr. Dennis Braman (Royal Tyrrell Museum) run a section through the McPheeters bone bed.

Some of the over 600 specimens collected this summer.

Tom Cullen (background; Carleton University) works the ceratopsian bone bed.

Chris from Carleton makes a point.

David Evans talks to kids at the Royal Ontario Museum via a satellite uplink from one of the bone beds. The ROM sent out 2 techs for a week to make sure that everything worked smoothly.

The helicopter lift of the Foremost hadrosaur.

Ryan Schott (U of Toronto) cooks up ribs while Tetsuto Miyashita catches up on field notes.

Evan Scott (CWRU) gives an evening seminar.

Part of the field crew in Orion (population: 4) where we get gas at Boyd's gas station.

Boyd Stevens pumping gas from his truck mounted tanks.

Boyd at work.