Saturday, June 09, 2007

DPP Workshop

As promised here are a few photos from the recent workshop in Dinosaur Provincial Park organized by Dr. Don Brinkman of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, and attended by almost all of the vertebrate palaeontologists and grad students working in Alberta. It was designed to give the MANY new palaeo students in the province a chance to see one of the most important dinosaur localities in the world. They had a full week of hiking all over the Park, excavating material they discovered, and taking in over two dozen talks given by just about everyone in attendance.

Group (almost everyone) Photo © Philip Currie 2007

A Discovery Channel.Ca crew shot a segment on me for The Daily Planet for broadcast next Fall.

Butterflies in DPP

Don Henderson

Eric Snively

Part of the crew in the Steveville badlands of DPP.

The U of A excavating a Basilemys in Steveville.

Plastering the turtle.

U of A Ph.D. Student, Phil Bell and his fiance, Park Interpreter Marcia.

Don Brinkman fiddles in The Valley of the Moon, DPP, during the closing ceremonies.