Friday, January 26, 2007

Dragging A Tarbosaurus

In honour of R.C. Andrews' birthday, here’s a video clip of the Korean International Dinosaur Expedition in Mongolia (KID) team pulling a block containing a Tarbosaurus pelvis out of the Gobi (well, at least as far as our truck—which was far!).

That’s me in front with the white shirt and blue hat, Nam-Soo Kim to my right (blue shirt), Young-Nam Lee to his right, Phil Currie to my left (khaki pants), Yoshi Kobayashi in the middle with the bandana, Junchang Lu with the sailing hat (middle left), Kyo-Young Song, and the rest of our Mongolian crew. Eva Koppelhus shot the clip on my pocket Nikon camera.

Sometime soon all of these promised video clips (in crystal clear format) will be up on a stand-alone KID web page. Enjoy!