Friday, September 09, 2005

Tasty Godzilla Eggs!

While 'The King of the Monsters' wasn't a real dinosaur, he sure spawned a huge following from dinosaur fans around the world. With a market size so gigantic comes some fun products tagged with his likeness. Here's two of the most clever packaging designs (especially considering they're for a food product) I've seen yet.

Godzilla Watermelon Packaging Photo 01

Godzilla Watermelon Packaging Photo 02

Now if that packaging doesn't make you want to buy tasty watermelon, I don't know what will! Anybody want to send us some of the sold-out sample packages to admire? No watermelon needed of course!

I've translated the Japanese website using the Google Translation Tools at this link. It's not entirely accurate but you get the idea.

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